Curatio as a Latin word means healing and curing. Overall, the concept of “Curatio” embraces understanding of medical attention.

It was 20 years ago, that first in Georgia, private company “Curatio” was launched and till today it is perfect example of its name. Initially, the very first and main product/service was family doctor - primary care physician (PCP). The idea behind PCP was to provide population with quality, continuous and unbiased medical care and to determine risk factors at early stages. Comprehending all these in a timely manner immensely prevents possible challenges down the road.


Since its foundation, Curatio still continues to be adherent to the company’s initial goals and objectives – maintain superb health care, ensured by service accessibility, top quality and protective system policies. Our staff strongly believes, that in order to keep up with all the above and in addition further develop and extend services, we need to address following:

  • Secure healthcare for the patients
  • Health care based on accurate and appropriate financial policies
  • Patient oriented health care, core of which is represented by patients’ needs, choices and preferences. Considerable attention needs to be given to the vulnerable patient categories.

Main factors distinguishing Curatio from other health care companies and ensuring it’s compatibility are as follows:

  • Providing long-term follow-up, promoting patients’ well-being through gradual and close monitoring
  • Delivering patient-centered experience
  • Proactive and perspective service models
  • Sophisticated computerized/electronic patient recording system
  • All health care services within the clinic is based on already proved and acknowledged principles
  • Company is concentrated not only treatment of various diseases, but has already established efficient methods of patients health care management tools
  • Well-developed quality assurance practice is continuous process


Management tools, implemented in our company, fully corresponds to the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for the Primary Care Centers. This makes sure that the environment within the company is secure and relevantly effective not only for our customers, but our employees as well.