Complete Eye Exam August 17, 2012

Following equipping our clinic with advanced technologies and devices Curatio was given an opportunity to conduct complete and complex ophthalmology procedures. One of the methods used to measure index of refraction, in another word, to measure the extent optical system bents light is refractometry. In addition we offer comprehensive study of eye diseases such as astigmatism, myopia and etc. The clinic is using tonometry, excellent tool to determine intraocular pressure and evaluate if the patient is at risk of glaucoma.
For our valuable patients we offer Schrimer test to diagnose dry eyes and determine whether the eye produces tears enough to keep it moist.

Laser photocoagulation, introduced by our clinic is used to seal or destroy abnormal tissue in the retina. Laser photocoagulation is usually done as outpatient procedure and is considered as surgical method. It is used for treatment such diseases as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration. Procedure should be ordered by physician.