Laboratory Achievements July 01, 2012

“Curatio” constantly strives for upgrading quality of any service provided. Clinical laboratory in this regard is one of the exceptions. In order to avoid any possible shortcomings our center undergoes quality assurance mandatory certification, provided by INSTAND e.V. WHO Collaborating Centre for Quality Assurance and Standardization in Laboratory Medicine. Since 1994 it closely cooperates with WHO and is the member of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF – Germany). The main goal of the organization is standardization and quality assurance within the lab medicine, with special emphasis on-site quality control and improving and lab research management.

In May, 2012 laboratory received certification in following areas:

  • Immunology – 3 certificates with 19 various tests
  • Clinical Biochemistry – 3 certificates with 21 various tests
  • Hemostasis – 1 certificate with 4 various tests
  • Clinical – 3 certificates with 18 various tests