Cardiology as a branch of medicine dealing with diagnosing, treatment and prevention of heart diseases. Consultation and below listed procedures are available at our clinic:

Electrocardiography (ECG)

non-invasive, safe and efficient method to study electrical activity of the heart, recorded by ECG device. To perform the procedure adhesive electrodes are attached across the chest and on the limbs


this procedure makes possible to create ultrasound images of heart structure, also, make accurate assessment of heart tissue, pumping capacity. Helps to determine heart related diseases

Cardiac stress test on treadmill

it usually involves fast walking on a treadmill at increasing levels of activity. Amount and parameters of stress should be determined by physician. Test enables to obtain information on blood flow within the heart, abnormal rhythm, likelihood of having coronary heart disease and etc. Before the test patient is asked not to eat or drink for four hours prior to the test. It usually lasts 8-12 minutes. Like all testing procedures, treadmill has its inherent risks, inducing serious cardiac events including cardiac arrest. To avoid any complications test should be performed appropriately equipped exam room under physician’s supervision and close monitoring.

Holter monitoring

this is the method used to continuously record heart rhythm during 24 hours. Procedure is usually administered by physician. It is the most common test for diagnosing heart rhythm problems and then opt relevant strategy for further treatment. The monitor is usually worn during normal activity