Gynecology is the medical branch dealing with the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of female reproductive organs (vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovary, also external components of the system)
Our gynecologists are providing high quality consultations and are specialized in diagnosis and management of various disorders of female reproductive organs. At Curatio following procedures are offered:


Equipped with specialized colposcope, this procedure is used to examine cervix and the tissue of vagina and vulva. The indication of the procedure is determined by primary physician or gynecologist to further investigate cytological abnormalities on the pap smears. Colposcopy makes possible abnormal appearing tissue to be taken for further pathological examination. This procedure is called biopsy.


This procedure is performed by gynecologist, who surgically removes part of the lining of the uterus and/or contents of the uterus by scraping and scooping. The necessity of curettage is determined by gynecologist to examine scraped tissue for completeness or for abnormalities. Curettage is preceded by dilation of cervix. A curette, a metal rod, is inserted into the uterus through the dilated cervix to access and then remove tissue from the uterus.

Pap Smear

Pap smear is a screening test used to diagnose cancerous processes of the cervical canal. The test is recommended for specific categories of female population. The indication and necessity of the test can be obtained from the primary physician or gynecologist. Pap smear is an effective test for early detection of pre-cancerous changes, thus prevent cervical cancer or treat it at initial stage. At screening, the test is often used to detect potential pre-cancerous processes and this way prevent cervical cancer.

Cryodestruction of cervix

Cryotherapy is a procedure for treatment of cervix. It is done by applying a very cold chemical to the cervix to freeze and destroy of abnormal cells on cervix. Procedure is ordered by gynecologist in case of abnormal changes in pap smear. Usually it is painless, risk-free and takes 10-15 minutes). It is normal to experience watery discharge for the first 3-4 weeks following treatment. Patient needs to be instructed to avoid sexual intercourse for at least 4-6 weeks. Also, not to use any tampons or other hygienic means for the mentioned time period.


Cardiotocography is a technical procedure for recording of fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions. It is performed during the third trimester of pregnancy. Typically, the test is recommended in high-risk of patients (with diabetes, preeclampsia, fetal development abnormalities)

Intrauterine device

One of the methods to prevent pregnancy is intra-uterine spiral. Besides contraception it can be used for treatment purposes. Gynecologist is required to obtain consent from an individual prior the procedure. Mentioned procedure is one of the most effective reversible methods of contraception. Once it is removed, fertility returns.