Ophthalmology as a medical specialty is deals with the diagnosing, treatment and prevention of eye diseases.Curatio provides complete ophthalmologic consultation and various procedures. For comprehensive study of eye diseases, we offer below listed procedures:


for this method refractometer is used to measure index of refraction, in another word, to measure the extent optical system bents light.


this procedure allows to determine intraocular pressure. This is excellent test to evaluate if the patient is at risk of glaucoma.


slit-lamp is used to examine structures of the eye (mostly frontal segment)


commonly, ophthalmoscope is used for the test to visualize and study fundus, including blood vessels and optic nerve

Color sense examination

for the test Rabkin polychromatic plates are used

Schrimer’s test

the test is used to diagnose dry eyes and determine whether the eye produces ample tears to keep it moist

Laser photocoagulation

during the procedure laser is used to seal or destroy abnormal tissue in the retina. Laser photocoagulation is usually done as outpatient procedure and does not require overnight stay in the hospital. It is used for treatment such diseases as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration. Procedure should be ordered by physician

Laser iridotomy

this is considered to be a surgical procedure performed at outpatient basis. During the procedure hole is created by laser in the iris (colored part of the eye). It enables to decrease pressure within the eye. This method id widely and effectively used for glaucoma treatment.