Physiotherapy involves evaluation, diagnosing and treatment a range of diseases and conditions or disabilities using physical means. Curatio provides consultation with physiotherapist and listed procedures as follows:

Spinal stretching

Spinal decompression or traction is non-surgical procedure to treat certain types of neck and back chronic pain, herniated or degenerative disks, osteochondrosis. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine that will take pressure off the nerves and other structures of the spine. Procedure promotes to take pressure off spinal disks, helps movement of oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids into disks, so they can heal.

Galvanization and Electrophoresis

Galvanization is treatment with constant low voltage current impacting selected area of the body. Therapeutic effect of galvanization is promotion of lymph drainage, widening of blood vessels, intensifying secretion. Electrophoresis is the use of galvanic current to introduce medicine ions in the body. This method helps to reinforce specific pharmacological effect of medicines.

Ultrasound therapy and Phonophoresis

Ultrasound therapy is using sound waves to transfer energy into the tissue and intensify blood circulation. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Phonophoresis is the use of ultrasound to enhance delivery of topically applied drugs. Phonophoresis is commonly used by physical therapists.


Darsolvalization is commonly used as a skin care method. High frequency and low amperage is used to achieve local antiviral, antibacterial, elasticity, and rejuvenation effects and general healing process of the skin.

Amplipulse therapy

it is an electrotherapy method during which the patient is exposed to alternating modulated current. Amplipulse therapy uses sinusoidal current to stimulate effect on neuromuscular and vascular systems. Benefits to improve peripheral blood circulation and tissue trophism.

Electrical stimulation therapy

This is the method that uses electrical current to cause single or group of muscles to contract. It promotes blood supply to the specific area that assists healing and regenerative process.

Laser therapy

This is the method of treatment using low level of lasers. Lasers can be used for various medical purposes. The treatment is effective for bactericidal, bacteriostatic, pain relief and other purposes. One of the methods of laser therapy offered by our clinic is intravenous helium-neon laser irradiation. We successfully use combined (red and infrared) laser therapy.