Otolaryngology is the branch of medicine specialized in diagnosing, treatment and prevention of ear, nose and throat diseases. Besides comprehensive consultation with otolaryngologist, Curatio offers following procedures:

Tonal audiometry

it is non-invasive, painless test used to determine degree of hearing acuity, level of hearing impairment and it’s causing pathological process. The person taking the test is asked to be presented in the soundproof booth with headphones placed over the ears. Audiologist will play series of sounds through the headphones. Notes are taken of the quietest and lowest level of the volume, at which the sound is heard. According to these data audiogram chart is recorded. The test is administered and ordered by physician

Removal of sulfuric wax from ear canal

it is non-invasive procedure to extract sulfuric plug through washing out the ear by Zhane syringe

Eustachian tube dilation

procedure is indicated when the tube becomes blocked following the onset of an upper respiratory tract infection, accompanied by fullness in the ears, tinnitus, muffled hearing. One of the minimally invasive solutions for decongestion eustachian tube is achieved by raising pressure with inserting small balloon catheter through the nose